Commercial spaces – floorings for auto mechanic workshops

Work is arduous in auto mechanic workshops. You have to use tools and heavy machines, which is why you need flooring that is hard enough and resistant to withstand a high traffic of people and the wear that results from working so hard. If you start a business like this in a space that is already built, you must think creatively to adapt the floor to your needs.

Concrete offers the necessary hardness to support the weight of heavy machinery and the vibration that might come with their use; in addition, it is smooth enough to be able to move objects with ease. If the site already has concrete, remember to first assess its condition to know if a proper repair work is needed and thus ensure that your investment lasts over time. You can improve concrete by sealing it and painting it with a product that is intended for this type of use –it should have anti-slip properties. If then the floor is still very slippery, an alternative is to place a rubber matting.

If the floor of the room is not as hard as cement, there are other alternatives you can go for. In areas where you have to stand for a long time, you can place various anti-fatigue materials. For instance, how about a rubber mesh? Some option offer the advantage of letting spilled liquids run underneath them and they also allow the effortless mobility of machinery on wheels. Moreover, locking tiles that support the weight of a car are easy to install and come in assorted colors that you can use to identify your brand.

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Vinyl could be considered as another option. It is an economical alternative, its installation can be done in the blink of an eye, it offers good traction, and is quite resistant to abrasive liquids.

Finally, keep in mind that the important thing is not to improvise, to comply with the construction norms of your locality and to have the necessary security elements like the use footwear that is specially made for heavy duties.

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