Commercial spaces: how to create a window display

If you have a small business you should know that the front window is an element that has to be taken into consideration. A window display that captures the attention of pedestrians is invaluable, thus it is like the presentation card of your store… It must be bold, eye-catching, immaculate and well-arranged so that people imagine themselves using that trench coat on a rainy day, gifting that perfume or eating those tempting chocolates. There are some tips that you can put into practice to create a fascinating window display that make people eager to enter your store and know more about your brand.

When planning the design of the window display you should use a limited color palette, three colors are enough to create something beautiful. Handpicked props –like furniture, old books– will help you arrange a more personal display. In addition, you can use graphics or stickers to show your brand’s slogan or highlight sales. If you are lucky enough to have large windows then you can opt for window films, stands or displays.

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One of the things that will bring to life any display is the lighting; this element is the key to success. When you are renovating or remodeling your store take into account the illumination of the front window. Overhead lighting is a necessary thing; however, this should not be the only place where light bulbs or lamps are placed… You can put lights on the sides of the window at different angles; in the same way, you can have one or two spotlights in this area to highlight the most popular products. Shifting the position of the light sources will help you create a more dramatic display –since you will be playing with lights and shadows– and this is a way to make the client direct their gaze to where you want them to.

The products that you showcase have to be those that do not sell as quickly as others and those that your targeted customers have wanted to buy for a long time… Those glittery designer shoes, for example. Try not to display merchandise that customers need, because these are often the inexpensive things of the store.

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