Commercial spaces: the remodeling of a hair salon

Like any business, a hair salon should be designed to retain frequent clients and attract new ones; in other words, it should be a nice and inviting space that has the right equipment. You do not have to wait until everything starts to fall down to start remodeling and improving your shop’s image. The ideal thing to do when remodeling is to do everything by sections during rest days or at night; you can set your client’s appointments so as not to interrupt the remodeling.

Set a budget and try to manage it as efficient as possibly to stay within it. It is prudent to have extra money to cover unforeseen expenses. Keep in mind that anything can happen and that there may be delays that interrupt the normal development of the company.

Depending on the budget and the needs of the salon, the remodeling should start from the generic to the specific or vice versa. For example, the walls and ceiling should be renewed if they are covered with dirty spots… Things like washable paint or wallpaper in neutral colors are highly recommended, although there will necessarily be sections that have to be covered with high quality mirrors.

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On the other hand, the electrical system must be safe and functional, so it is best to hire a professional for this task. There should be enough lights so that stylists can properly do their job; they should be able to see the color of the hair as it would look on the outside. The perfect scenario is to combine cold and warm lighting; for instance, a makeup area should have a mirror with built-in warm and cold light bulbs.

As for the flooring, there is a wide range of products for commercial spaces. Since these will be constantly cleaned, they must be very durable, as well as comfortable to stand on them for several hours. We recommend bamboo flooring; this material absorbs impacts and is more resilient and inexpensive than traditional wood.

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