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Although the closed office concept has remained in the past, the open concept might not be every employee’s cup of tea; it does not provide enough privacy and it makes it difficult to concentrate. Nonetheless, there is an intermediate point between closed and open concepts which is office cubicles… These are partially private spaces that allow being close to colleagues in order to work as a team and promote communication, but, at the same time, offer a private space that each person can customize.

Cubicles are located in the same environment and –usually– they are divided by ‘walls’ which can be close to the desk’s level or have a higher height. These have built-in desks with enough space for the necessary equipment (like a computer and its mouse and keyboard), they can also have storage space and they can even be wide enough to include additional chairs to serve customers. In the market of office cubicles there is a great variety of designs, colors and materials; they can be adapted according to the needs and type of activity that will be carried out in it, also considering the available space. The L- and U-shaped designs are among the most popular.

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There are standard measures for cubicles. For example: 6’x6′ for a small cubicle, 8’x8′ for a cubicle that would be used by the general staff, 8’x10′ for a slightly larger cubicle in which sufficient space is needed for more computing systems, and, finally, 9’x12′ for cubicles in which additional chairs will be incorporated.

It is advisable to look for a professional to help you plan the location and size of the cubicles, because you should also think about the areas of common use and circulation. It is also very important to take into account that there are tasks in the business in which highly confidential information is handled –such as human resources, legal or finances– these need total privacy and should be in a separated zone.

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