Remodeling the house: types of paint finishes

A way in which you can renew and refresh any part of your house is by painting the walls. Wall paint is available in millions of colors –emerald green, flashy tangerine, magenta purple and even millennial pink–; this fact can make it a bit hard to decide what the best shade for the kids’ playroom is. In addition, you have to select the type of paint finish. Flat, eggshell, satin, semi-gloss and gloss finishes are the choices found on the market, each works best for different rooms.

Flat or matte finishes are those that do not any type of shine. Since this type of finish soaks the light, it disguises bumps and cracks very well and it is perfect for use on textured walls. A matte finish can be a bit hard to clean, but it does have the highest amount of pigment which translates into a good color payoff (this means less coats of paint and more money saving). Use flat finish paint for low-traffic rooms and areas that can have a few flaws like ceilings.

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The eggshell finish is slightly more lustrous and durable than the previous one. Also, the eggshell finish is similar to the satin finish because both are easy to clean and their wear through time is minimal. Both are great picks for places like dining rooms and other high traffic zones such as hallways and children rooms. However, the use of satin finishes should be avoided in surfaces where imperfections are evident and its application must be done carefully so roller or brush strikes cannot be seen.

The shinier the finish, the easier is to clean it; semi-gloss and gloss finishes are not the exception to this rule. The latter is, of course, the one that reflects light the most and the ideal finish for ‘deep’ and ‘jewel-toned colors’, according to HGTV’s website… This is the most appropriate choice to use on materials such as wood and in kitchen cabinets, doors and moldings (do not use it on walls since its degree of brightness will be too much). Do use a satin finish on the walls of the kitchen or the bathroom.

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