The checkout counter

The Checkout counter is the place of a store where the final sale is made. In consequence, the design of this area must be well planned to offer comfort for both employees and customers. An attractive checkout counter can definitely make people buy things that maybe they would not have obtained if they had not seen them while they were paying for something else.

Although this will depend on the type of establishment and its configuration, it is recommended to locate the checkout counter on the left side of the store and near the entrance –since this also the exit of the store. It is important to have a wide surface, so that people are able to put their belongings on it and make the transaction more smoothly.

The checkout counter must be designed to sell until the last minute that the buyer is inside the store. For instance, you can create exhibits behind it to promote a certain product. If space is not an issue, you can take some inches of the counter or the front of it to add units with shelves and encourage last-minute purchases… Just try to not overly saturate them with merchandise.

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Another thing you can do to create a more attractive check out space is to place a few furniture pieces along the paying line and fill them with last-minute finds –stuff located in the front and center of the counter will sell faster. It is important to keep those impulsive buys organized and change them from time to time. The creation of seasonal decorations with said products can increase their sales.

This area can also be used for other purposes. For example, this is where your employees can tell customers a bit more about your brand and promote its social media accounts, as well as inviting them to join a loyalty or regard program.

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